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We all love our dogs. We love to have them, we love to pet them, and we love to walk them. But do we like to step into their shit? Nobody does. Yet, picking up faeces is awkward, even those from your beloved friend. Especially if you are not prepared.

This is where DOGSTATION® comes in: We make bins that come with a dispenser for bags that allow you to pick up animal waste safely. Choose from our range the produkt that fits your needs. Don't need a bin? No problem, we offer a range of dispensers that are fit for wall or post mount as well.

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Find bag dispensers for animal waste sachets, waste bins with integrated or salient dispensers, and more at Krüger Systeme.

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Original DOGSTATION® sachets for animal waste. Quality you can rely on made from material that is environmentally friendly.

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Original DOGSTATION® spare parts like ground anchors, locks and keys, frames, and bins. For product longevity and relocation.

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Celebrating 30 Years DOGSTATION® Environmental Care Systems

Through 2025 special offers will express our gratitude for our customers' loyalty and support.

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DOGSTATION® in Germany

Want to buy DOGSTATION® products and you are located in Germany?
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Thomas Keifert is our head of sales.

Krüger Systeme, Alida Krüger
Andernacher Straße 154, D–56070 Koblenz
+49 (0) 261 – 973 69 50, +49 (0) 261 – 973 69 51 (Fax)

Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays starting at eight in the morning closing at four in the evening. On Fridays we close at noon.


DOGSTATION® around Europe

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Austria and Italy

Inn-Pack, Klaus Achorner
Salurner Straße 8, A–6330 Kufstein/Tirol
+43 5372 71 147
+43 5372 71 947 (Fax)


E.F. Handel Aps, Elisabeth Frandsen
Lyngvej 15, DK–4450 Jyderup
+45 592 780 07
+45 592 780 97 (Fax)

Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden

Ojala Estonia OÜ
Harku tee 3560, Tabasalu, EST–76901 Harjumaa
+372 6228 010
+372 6228 011 (Fax)

France and Luxembourg

CRUZ Service s.à.r.l.
30, rue de Niederpallen, L–8506 Redange-sur-Attert
+352 39 59 39
+352 39 60 38 (Fax)


Helms Milieutechniek B.V.
Maanlander 27, NL–3824 MN Amersfoort
Postbus 867, NL–3800 AW Amersfoort
+31 33 453 22 88
+31 33 453 22 87 (Fax)


Merag R. + Y. Sax
Brunnäcker 3, CH–5619 Büttikon
+41 566 21 8180
+41 566 21 8180 (Fax)

United Kingdom

Arunhithe Ltd.
Barnfield Close, GB–Staffordshire ST13 5EG
+44 15 38 38 00 80
+44 15 38 38 64 21 (Fax)

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